I'd say, that A Nosh of Life is a bit like Jesus.

Born at midnight, unexpected. Yes, the domain was gifted to me at midnight. Why this name? Well, at that time, I was working on a draft that I intended to title as, A Nosh of Life, meaning that everything written there is just 'nosh', a slice, a part of life, but not my entire life. Having nothing else on my mind, I just said, "Fine! Buy me this domain and I will use it to promote my book when it's out."

Now as you must have observed, I never published that book. I don't intend to either. Extremely self-critical as I am, I realised that that draft was nothing more than rubbish and a lame attempt to earn the title of a 'published writer'.

Did I get published?

Yes, I did in late 2017. It's a poetry-prose collection titled, Tinted Glasses. You can check it out here on Amazon, Flipkart and Kobo. Someone wrote a brief review of it as well. It's not my best work. Having grown as a writer after that, I most certainly know that my best is yet to come. But, that book helped me get out of a very difficult phase of my life and gave me a much-needed boost of confidence that only I could have given myself.

What about ANOL then?

See, initially I wanted to just write whatever came to my mind. I thought of ANOL as a book I'd like to go back to again and again during my lifetime. Something felt missing. So, I thought why not turn it into an entertainment portal? People could come, read some light stuff and return to their normal life. I started writing as per that - poetry, essays, short stories, book and movie reviews.

It didn't last very long. A publisher told me that two of my poems in Tinted Glasses is published online and so they wouldn't publish a book parts of which were plagiarised. I told them that it was my blog and so I own the rights. However, they wanted to have the first publishing rights. So, I self-published my book and unpublished all good material from ANOL thinking that I might later decide to turn it into a book.

I was also struggling to keep up with my writing and making the blog look pretty all the time seemed like a monumental wastage of time.

And so, I picked an attractive theme that did not needed much of maintenance. Just write and hit publish!

So, what's ANOL now?

That I'm trying to figure out. Joan Didion did a marvellous job explaining my state of mind:

“I write entirely to find out what I'm thinking, what I'm looking at, what I see and what it means. What I want and what I fear.”

~ Joan Didion

ANOL has essays, short opinion pieces, poetry, musings and twisted stories. Underpinning all these formats is a commentary on humans and society. They say, humour sells and I'm no comic. At my best, I have produced dry and dark humour, and at my worst, I just look at things and snicker to myself at the irony of life. My best jokes are reserved for myself. So, don't be confused when my work decent and yet earning a meagre social media currency.

I'm not a mission. Nonetheless, you're most welcome to walk a few miles with me. I'll try my best to keep you entertained.

Meet the Team

Contain your surprise. There's just one person playing musical chairs with a variety of roles as and when what's required or I have the time for.

mansi laus deo

Mansi Laus Deo

Write, Editor, Developer of ANOL

A fan of flaws, an admirer of grit, and a mess of this universe. I pause to breathe in moments and turn them into my stories.

That's me being philosophical. Here are 7 facts about me:

  1. Educated to be a Biomedical Engineer and a Business Graduate, I earn my living as a Copywriter and been at it since the past 7 years.
  2. When it comes to picking between cats and dogs or tea and coffee, you'll find me perched comfortably on the fence. I. Just. Can't. Pick!
  3. I also enjoy watching people yawn at my supremely long spoken-word sessions.
  4. Indoors, I like to cook and clean. They allow me to think.
  5. I love indulging in Yoga. It centres me.
  6. I pay a strong emphasis on having a room and time for yourself. So, I have an extra room and I cancel a lot of loud party plans because company for me is a choice, not a necessity. I make up for the cancellations by inviting my friends over for intimate indoor gatherings where I get to play the happy hostess.
  7. I'm a hypocrite when it comes to 'books as gifts' - don't like receiving them, but love to buy them as gifts for others a lot.

Have something for me, eh?

Hit me up with questions, pitches, reviews, connect-me-with-someone, write-for-me requests, or whatever decent you have in mind.



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