Whatever helps you sleep at night


As my eyes close in this picture laughing, over a self-cracked funny-in-my-head remark, I want to spotlight its notoriously elusive twin, a peaceful shut-eye, aka a sleep captured right.

Sometimes late, at times early, sometimes in the day, at times in a moving vehicle, I did fall asleep. But, the sleep was never peaceful. When I tried resetting my circadian cycle, last few years, I developed problems with falling asleep. Stress was to be blamed partly too.

Since last week, I have been sleeping on time and waking up feeling fresh and “well-slept”. What changed?

I took help from a professional and he prescribed a small dose of medication to break the cycle of bad sleep-migraine, migraine-bad sleep.

Last night was different. I went to bed late and got less than 6 hours of shut-eye. Today, I’m sleepy and unfocused. I’m grazing over walls of text, again and again, wondering why it doesn’t make any sense. Every second huge waves of random thoughts are hitting my head and making me anxious.

I realised that I had been like this all of my work life — Clear about what I wanted to say, but unable to articulate it well. I performed well, but I could have done better.

The reason why I am putting a post up on my sleep pattern is that now I know how much it affects. Because now I know how I feel when I wake up from a truly peaceful sleep. I feel awake.

Now, I know what “awake” feels like.

“Whatever helps you sleep at night” is a phrase we use often to close a debate with a witty remark. Taking it literally, I’m going to request you that if you are experiencing symptoms like me, get yourself checked. It could be insomnia. Or it could be just an upset stomach. There’s only one way to be sure — getting a professional opinion.

Lastly, if medication helps you sleep better, then it’s not wrong and shouldn’t be avoided. There’s no shame in popping a prescribed pill.

Here’s poem I wrote romanticising my insomnia (which is something no one should ever do):

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A fan of flaws, an admirer of indomitable grit, and a mess of this universe. Once authored a lesser-known poetry collection, Tinted Glasses, I pause to breathe in moments and turn them into my stories.

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